Leather bracelet with purple semi-precious stones boho style


Genuine leather bracelet with copper charms and amethyst semi-precious stones boho chic style

  • Genuine Made in Italy leather
  • Adjustable size
  • Gift box included


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Genuine braided leather bracelet made in Italy. Type and size of the stones: 10 mm and 6 mm amethyst; total bracelet length: approx. 72 cm (28,3 inches), 4 turns, adjustable.

This bracelet is part of the “VARDA-me” Collection, inspired by the splendid Villa Varda Natural Park, along the Livenza river (Italy). In spring the park comes alive with all its colors: what better way to celebrate it, if not with a collection of colorful and showy jewels? “Vardame”, in the local dialect, really means “look at me”: a name that translates into an invitation not to go unnoticed.

Due to the type of processing and the use of natural stones, each jewel has unique characteristics and may be slightly different from the one shown in the photo.

The jewels of the VARDA-me collection are made of natural copper. Over time, copper may develop a dark oxidation patina, which is not to be considered a defect, but a specific quality of this metal.