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I went with an idea in mind and Vanna did it beautifully! Vanna immediately tried to find the most suitable color for my dress and listened to all my requests and doubts, providing me with excellent advices. She really met all my expectations, thank you for making a unique hair accessory!

(Wally M., wedding date 11/09/2020)


In my disorganization, or rather in my attitude to let things go as they should go, I came across La Bottega Liventina just 9 days before my wedding. After viewing the pieces of her collection and carefully assessing which was the right solution for me, Vanna created a bespoke piece with an original design and excellent workmanship in a very short time. She knew how to enhance my hairstyle without being too impactful, for a sober but at the same time refined and above all not cheap effect (because not all jewelry is the same). Needless to say, I will always be grateful to you for your availability, professionalism, speed and fairness. Thank you very much, Vanna, for having contributed with your splendid accessory to make my day even more special!

(Paola R., wedding date 07/12/2019)


The experience was unique, as was the jewelry that Vanna created for me! Already from the first meeting she framed my tastes and managed to create a masterpiece  that reflects me perfectly. Moreover, with grace and professionalism, she also interfaced with the florist to allow me to have an embellished and unique bouquet. An artist, a professional, a calm and welcoming woman… in short, perfect for the big day!

(Martina P., wedding date 10/19/2019)


“I have no words to describe the professionalism of Vanna, from La Bottega Liventina. It was great to rely on her and her precious advice to create a unique accessory together, able to really embellish my appearance and further enhance my dress. My crown was created from my dress and fully reflected the style I wanted to have. By all accounts it was  a real work of art, not a simple accessory! Thanks so much to La Bottega Liventina, which I recommend to all brides who want to feel unique! ”

(Elena L., wedding date 09/14/2019)


“I didn’t think I was a demanding bride, but I became one. You don’t know you are until you see the differences between the various products. Vanna was able to advise me and point out what was best for me, thinking about the dress, the type of hairstyle but above all thinking about how I am. Quality and craftsmanship, combined with a personal sensitivity, give life to accessories that will always accompany the memories of the most magical day of every girl “.

(Daria G., wedding date 09/08/2019)


“I contacted Vanna to modify my mom’s wedding accessory and adapt it for my wedding. I had no precise idea and I relied on her experience. She managed to create a thin and elegant branch and hairpins with my mom’s flowers to embellish the semi-braid of my hairstyle. She also created very bright and discreet Swarovski teardrop earrings that can be adapted on other occasions. I wanted a unique accessory for my wedding and Vanna managed to make it patiently. I would recommend it for all brides and not only who want an original and personalized touch! ”

(Ilenia S. S., wedding date 29/06/2019)


“I sincerely thank Vanna, because with her professionalism and passion she has created a unique and personalized accessory that has perfectly adapted to the dress and hairstyle. I recommend La Bottega Liventina for all brides or guests who want a precious jewel in their hair, because it is made of carefully researched materials! ”

(Jessica M., wedding date 06/29/2019)


“Vanna has created a beautiful accessory for my wedding that has made my hairstyle romantic and precious. Vanna’s kindness, patience and sweetness can be read in these weaves: not being an expert on the point myself, she was able to show me the right colors and materials by coordinating everything with the color of my hair and with the ideas I had in mind. Treat yourself to a small jewel of craftsmanship like this, it is that extra touch that makes everything a little more magical. Thanks Vanna, you are very good! ”

(Federica M., wedding date 08/06/2019)


“A unique accessory, customized from start to finish (materials, shape, size, etc.) according to my wishes. Vanna’s availability and the care with which she treats us brides is truly to be appreciated. It is an expense that I willingly supported (more than many others) because the quality is truly perceived “.

(Angelica D. B., wedding date 08/06/2019)


“Thanks to Vanna, who immediately understood what I was looking for! I received many compliments for my accessory, that completed and made the whole look even more elegant and refined! ”

(Francesca D. A., wedding date 06/06/2019)


“Highly recommended! As soon as she saw the photos of my wedding dress, my shoes (not classic white wedding) and the hairstyle, Vanna was able to offer me wonderful ideas that could stand out and make me even more special on such an important day. She meticulously created a beautiful hair accessory and matching earrings by hand. Do you know when you feel satisfied with your choice? Here, by relying on her you will surely hit the mark! ”

(Katia U., wedding date 20/04/2019)


“Vanna really has golden hands and is a true artist! For my big day she created a wonderful and very refined hair branch in the shades of my bouquet. It was that extra touch that made the whole outfit more lovely and refined and made me feel even more beautiful!”

(Elisa M., wedding date 09/02/2019)


“I had chosen everything: the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the linen, the make-up and even the hairstyle. But something was missing that would embellish everything … the detail that would make the difference was missing. I searched in the stores and various sites for the perfect clip. But nothing gave me satisfaction. So I called Vanna and asked her if she could make a bespoke hair accessory for my wedding day. Vanna was kind and helpful: she listened patiently to my requests (she immediately understood that I was very demanding) and asked me to see my wedding dress. To my amazement, after a few days she made me have a sketch of her idea for me: three embroidered spins that faithfully reproduced a very particular detail of my dress. We met together with my hairdresser who promoted Vanna’s project with flying colors! After few weeks Vanna has also carefully searched for the material to make the three hairpins she would have embroidered. Great amazement and joy on the day of delivery: Vanna had created the perfect jewelry for my wedding hairstyle! Ability to listen to the customer, passion for her work and great technical skills are Vanna’s qualities”.

(Eleonora V. L., wedding date 29/09/2018)


“I had a great time! She immediately understood what I wanted and she did it very well in a few days … She is very careful to satisfy all requests, so I recommend to all brides who want that extra touch of elegance to turn to her!”

(Monica F., wedding date 08/09/2018)


“La Bottega Liventina offers a rare and precious combination of style (excellent ability to listen to requests and creative proposals), attention to detail, professionalism (punctuality, meticulousness) and personal availability in following the customer. I highly recommend it.”

(Micol P., wedding date 25/08/2018)


“We understood each other immediately with Vanna! She is a reliable, helpful and punctual person! She immediately understood that I was looking for a jewel that made me a princess that day and she did it. She was immediately available to understand what I was looking for, giving me the best advice! Price in line with other accessories suppliers but you have something extra! ”

(Carla B., wedding date 29/04/2018)


“Sometimes the difficulty lies in passing on to others what you have in mind … But Vanna, adorable creative, as well as owner of La Bottega Liventina, soon understood and made the accessories and jewelry with skillful hands for my special day. Even before getting to know us, she made herself available to go to the atelier to view my dress and then find the most just and balanced solution together. I would say that the result was absolutely perfect! I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique, non-trivial jewel that can perfectly match the theme of your wedding and your personality ”.

(Virna B., wedding date 17/09/2017)


“Vanna of La Bottega Liventina has been able to create accessories in a simple and refined way, perfectly in tune with my hairstyle and my dress! Thank you for helping to make everything perfect for our “yes” day! I recommend her because she is an available and professional person, capable of advising and finding together the most suitable solution to the needs and preferences of brides!”

(Michela C., wedding date 06/24/2017)


  • “I discovered this talented artist by chance. Vanna was able to immediately create what I had in mind for the most important day of my life, a hair accessory with Swarovski, unique and original of its kind, made and received in a very short time. Thanks again. Vote? 10 + … super recommended!”

(Laura T., wedding date 22/08/2019)

  • “If you want something that makes your moments special and unique, with a jewel created especially for you, then La Bottega Liventina is the right place. Vanna has been able to advise me with her elegant and refined taste and I was thrilled. Highly recommended for those who like to stand out with unique and strictly handmade pieces”.

(Francesca F., wedding date 19/07/2019)

  • “I recommend this shop to all brides and bridesmaids! High quality accessories, crowns, earrings, all beautiful, resistant and of excellent quality! Moreover, they are handmade products, therefore one of a kind! “

(Maria Grazia Z., wedding date 22/06/2019)