Hello, my name is Vanna Lovato. I’m the heart, the brains & brawn behind La Bottega Liventina.

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Arts and music have always accompanied me. In my “previous life” I obtained a degree in Modern Literature and I worked between Milan and Padua in editorial and academic fields.

In 2008, as a self-taught, I began to get passionate about jewelry design. I will continue to cultivate this hobby for almost ten years, experimenting with different materials, techniques and styles. In 2017 La Bottega Liventina is born, an ambitious project of made in Italy craftsmanship and design  dedicated to bridal accessories and jewelry for special occasions. I’m currently perfecting myself in art embroidery and millinery techniques.

La Bottega Liventina, many reasons behind a name

La bottega is the place of arts and ‘handmade things’ par excellence: from Renaissance painters to cobblers, the term “bottega” identifies that magical place between a workshop and a shop where unique objects are born, made by the skills of an artist/artisan.

“Liventina” refers to Livenza, a river on the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia (North-East Italy). Why dedicate a creative activity to a river? First of all, the river itself has a very strong symbolic charge: the river reminds us that “everything flows” and, at the same time, remains unchanged. It is the symbol of life and of passing time.

Second, because along the Livenza River there are places rich in history and culture, beautiful, often a little underestimated. These are the places that inspire me every day and to which the objects I make are dedicated.

Anyway, the river is only a starting point, a quay from which the journey towards transfiguration begins. It’s about search for something else, a visual language that is comprehensible to everyone and therefore universal. All seasoned with lightness and a healthy dose of irony!

My workshop is located in Motta di Livenza, in the province of Treviso (Italy), between Oderzo, Pordenone and Portogruaro, just 60 km (about 37 miles) from Venice.

Vanna Lovato - La Bottega Liventina

Ph. © Photoart Casonato

My philosophy

The continuous research for high quality materials and ethical work are the essential foundations on which my project is based. But La Bottega Liventina is not just a shop where you can find the right accessory for your wedding or your special occasion: it is a vision of artistic craftsmanship in which years of reading, musical listening and artistic passions are enclosed.

The red thread that binds everything is always and only one: the search for beauty. Harmony in shapes, color composition, texture and material: everything contributes to shaping what we call “beautiful“, a subjective concept that however subjects to universal rules.

My work is supported by the conviction that Beauty is not only a pleasant wrapping, but it contains a moral value, a force that attracts us towards what is Good and Right. A concept taken from Greek philosophy, but reinterpreted with a totally contemporary freshness.

The rite – that celebrate an important stage of life – contains all the beauty of being alive, here and now. The bride, in her becoming wife and mother, is the personification of the life that flourishes. That’s why my most important collections are dedicated to her.

However, there are many other special occasions: a graduation party, New Year’s Eve, Carnival, a Gala, an 18-party. All moments that deserve to be celebrated with an important and unique accessory.

Ph. © Photoart Casonato

My creations

Jewelry and accessories by La Bottega Liventina are designed and made entirely by me in my workshop in Motta di Livenza, Treviso, Italy. Hand work takes time and dedication, so my collections are always available but in limited quantities.

Whether you are looking for the perfect jewel for your wedding or an exclusive object for a special occasion, I offer a free consultancy and personalization service. For more details I invite you to consult the BESPOKE page.