Manchette bracelet with Sapphire Blue crystals

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Open rigid bracelet embroidered with Sapphire blue Swarovski bicone crystals

  • Entirely hand embroidered
  • Adjustable width
  • Ready for shipping in 2 weeks


Product details

Bronze manchette bracelet decorated with 11/0 and 15/0 Japanese white and lilac seed beads, and 168 4 mm Sapphire Blue Swarovski crystals. Interior upholstery in soft black leather. Height cm. 2,5 (0,98 inches) and length cm. 18,5 (7,28 inches), adjustable. Entirely sewn and hand-embroidered in Italy.

Style tips

This very coloful and sparkling jewelwill give the right twist to your ceremony dress, especially if decorated with floral or geometric prints in shades of blue, white and lilac.

The Collection

The COLOR ME HAPPY! collection celebrates life through pure color, declined in its infinite shades. Following the fashion trends of the moment, these bracelets combine perfectly with many outfits, to give a glamorous touch to a casual dress or complete a hyper sophisticated look with a touch of colored light.

More info

The COLOR ME HAPPY! bracelets by La Bottega Liventina are entirely hand-embroidered in Italy, and each of them required several hours of careful and patient workmanship.

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