Wedding hairaccessory laurel leaf with Swarovski navettes and seed beads vintage style

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Medium length vine in vintage brass wire with Swarovski crystals and cream/white seed beads

  • For a bride with a romantic and essential style
  • Suitable to many hairstyles
  • Shipped in a gift box


Vintage style brass branch decorated with 10×5 mm Swarovski Crystal navettes and 11/0 cream/white Japanese seed beads. Length 20 cm (7,8 inches), height 2 cm (0,7 inches).

A delicate and very bright accessory that can gracefully adorn different hairstyles for the bride or a bridesmaid. The vintage style and the natural theme make it particularly suitable for boho chic wedding dresses. Buy 2 branches and place them on both the sides of your head: you will get a beautiful “crown” effect!


The new collection of bridal hair accessories by LA BOTTEGA LIVENTINA is called FEUILLAGE, which in French stands for “leaves, foliage”.
I wanted to shift my attention from the flower to the leaf, the symbol of nature par excellence, to remind ourselves every day to defend our Mother Earth, this Nature which we too often forget to respect.

Since ancient times the leaves of some plants have a strong symbolism: the FERN adorns every image of the god Pan, divinity of the mountains and rural life; the LAUREL was the tree sacred to Apollo, a symbol of wisdom and glory; the OLIVE leaf, which has become universally a symbol of peace, originally adorned the head of the goddess Minerva, protector of arts and crafts.

The new collection by La Bottega Liventina is dedicated to these three wonderful leaves, with the hope that they will adorn the head of many radiant women on their most beautiful day!


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